1600 Error Message

James/Firecore Team

After the success of my first aTV decided to buy a 2nd for the kitchen tv!

On the first, everything went great first time, no issues, jailbraked, loaded the software, all was great.

2nd aTV I cant jail break, keep getting the 1600 error message, when I look at this, it points to the usb cable or port, changed both of these yet still get the error message. Tried jailbreaking this device 17 times now.

Any suggestions please?

Help! :wink:


Scrub thant, found the following and it worked first time, clearly a problem with Seas0npass & iTunes! :

  1. Copy the ipsw file that seas0npass from Firecore made when attempting the break first time

  2. (using a PC) download and run iREB-r4

  3. Connect the ATV and follow instructions to jailbreak

  4. open itunes on the PC, select the AppleTV2 from the left-hand pane

  5. Hold down SHIFT and click restore

  6. Select original ipsw made

Seas0npass should now be installed!