16:9 posters?

Hi everyone. I have videos that won’t be found in TMDb, with 16:9 poster frames (1280x720) stored on my server. Is there any way to get Infuse to use my artwork when displaying “recently added” videos instead of picking a frame from the video? Also, when I click on the server it shows the videos as 2:3 thumbnails, with my 16:9 (wide) artwork procrusteanly cropped to the tall aspect ratio. Is there any way to prevent it from cropping? TIA.

Follow naming format here to get your pictures to show up

Thanks munpip214. Yes I was following Metadata 101 and naming my artwork “videofolder/videofolder.jpg”, so it does show up in the grid of videos in the server. But it’s so badly cropped that the title isn’t readable, and the image doesn’t get used at all in when displaying “recently added” videos on the main infuse screen. Which is a shame because the thumbnails on the main screen are already 16:9, so that’s where it would be most useful. Any idea how to make it not cropped, or display on the main screen?

You will want to use the -fanart name for 16:9. Regular name is for poster art 2:3