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hi guys,

i set up my movies and tvshows from my iMac nfs share, for my atv3´s.
movies worked well and fast and tvshows are to few.
1211 tvshow files are set to wrong things in movies.

1211 files edit by hand is to hard.
is there a solution for me?

hate to say it, but plex got no problems with the scan.

did you let it finish its scrapping job(s)? If this is the 1st time setup it will take awhile to do and files are placed in “other” while they are identified. Once identified, they will move to their proper groups. If it has finished its scrapping job(s) and is no longer processing, then we need to know how your files are named, set up. I have 1074 movies and 951 episodes of TV only a small handful were not recognized and needed me to manually enter the name.

In addition to letting it finish the preliminary scans, another thing is that when you do start to edit files in others things like entire series may only require one file to be corrected and the rest of the series may be corrected so if you have a tv series that has 100 episodes, you’d only have to correct one and the rest should follow.

the scan is completed, here are some examples.

not working
sopranos/s01/Folge 1

24/s08/24 s07e01.mp4
sopranos/s01/sopranos s01e02.mp4

i understand how to write it right. i named the 1st right and the rest didn’t follow automatically.

One thing you could do though if your’re completely stuck is to bulk-rename your files. One powerful tool is http://www.bulkrenameutility.co.uk/Main_Intro.php.
I think you can see how the files are gonna be right in the gui before you rename them. Saves a lot of time.

i will search a software for osx.

plz obtain the scrubbing next release. don’t know why plex is, in this thing, so much better.

Sorry, I should have been a bit more clear, I meant that if you go to the Edit Metadata option on the file in Infuse and was able to find the correct name in the tvdatabase and select it then the rest of the files that were named the same would correct. I didn’t realize you were having to rename the actual file on the server.

Sorry about that.

tis the naming you are using IMO
“exp-24x264” I’m guessing is an unedited name, and the scrapper would have issues matching the episode to the season to the show. Sxxexx is the “standard” naming convention. Even if you rename the 1st, I’m not sure it would recognize the rest. Maybe try Folge 01? I’m not sure how the breakdown would occur when mixing naming conventions (German and English).

Had to Bulk Rename my tv Shows, then it works.

Nice , whatever works ?

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