120FPS stutter BUG

The videos I play are all 120FPS movies from the same source. It can be seen that Infuse6Pro plays completely smoothly without any stutter, but after switching to Infuse7 (including the latest 7.2.1) it starts to become super stutter and almost impossible to watch.
I hope you can pay attention to my question. Thank you

Unfortunately, I can’t upload videos here because I’m a new user, but I have an email for you to upload.

A couple of things you may want to try, first try changing the streaming cache to “Legacy”.

Another possibility is change the SMB version to “Legacy” or “2” from auto.

What device are you playing these on? What is your connection type? Can you post a mediainfo details for one of the files? Did you try a Speedtest in infuse share settings?

Thanks for the report!

We have one of the problematic samples here and will be looking into this.

Hello, first of all, my network is very good, the download speed is up to 300 megabits per second and the optical fiber is up to 30/ megabits per second, so there is no problem with the network, because I use Infuse 6Pro to play 120FPS video sources without any problem, very smooth, but when I change infuse7 to play 120FPS video sources, it becomes very slow. It’s like watching a 10FPS movie.
I don’t use SMB to watch, I use EMBY login in Infuse to watch.

Hello, I am using the IOS device to watch, and my connection type is the EMBY connection in Infuse7. I also want to release my source video and problem video, but it seems that new users cannot release video information. There is no problem with my speed, because I have tested infuse6Pro at the same time and it is very smooth. Only Infuse7 (same with 7.2.1) will not work.

I hope the Infuse team can solve my problem as soon as possible and inform me of the processing progress. Thank you very much!

Please do a speed test in infuse, just for reference. Internet speeds are not good correlations to video streaming performance.

Also James is looking into it. It could take a couple weeks before a new version is released, assuming he was able to determine the issue. For now I recommend using infuse 6.

We have a number of improvements for 120fps content available for beta testing.

Please let me know if you’d like to try this, and I can send you a TestFlight invite.

I’d be happy to try. Thank you

There is no problem in the network test, thank you, I hope you can repair and update the new version as soon as possible.

Please send me the TestFlight invitation. Thank you. I can help you test so that you can fix bugs better and more timely.

Invite sent. :slight_smile:

Hello, after I tested infuse7.2.2, it looks better than before, but I still feel it is not as smooth as 6pro. I can’t see the background real-time FPS comparison data of infuse6Pro and infuse7.2.2, I suggest you can play the same 120FPS video source to see the actual data of 6 and 7 respectively. thank you

Which specific device(s) are you using to play these videos?

Hi @james Thank you for all your efforts. Can I be added to the TestFlight as well?


I am currently using iPhonen 8 p.

Hey there I just got new iPhone, I would like to test 120fps video playback.

Infuse 7.3 is now available and includes many improvements for HFR videos.

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