12.5% zoom on Apple TV

There are a lot of TV shows with 2:1 aspect ration whereas TVs are 1,78:1 (16/9).
As a result, I get black bars on my TV (plus it messes up the Ambilight effect).

In the Apple TV app on Apple TV, if you double-tap the touchpad it alternated between normal and crop zoom modes.

The equivalent in Infuse (for content that is 16/9 but has black bars and an effective aspect ratio of 2…0) would be an easily accessible 1.125x zoom.

You should be able to achieve this by enabling the Crop Zoom Mode and adjusting the Aspect Ratio setting.

These are both available through the Video section of the Playback Menu (swipe down while a video is playing).

Thanks @james

Unfortunately, this does not seem to work for videos encoded in 16/9 (1920x1080 or 3840x2160), including black bars, where the actual video area is 1920x960 or 3840x1920.

(and changing the aspect ratio from Auto to 16/9 does not seem to change anything)

Instead of selecting the Aspect Ratio that matches the screen size, you will actually want to select the ratio that you want to zoom to.

For example, if you are playing a film which was shot at 2.35:1 which contains embedded black bars you would select the 2.35:1 option. Doing this would crop out all of the black bars and allow the film to fill the entire screen. Of course, you lose a fair amount of content when doing this, so selecting a lower ratio might be preferred to reduce (but not fully eliminate) the black bars.

I would try

  • Video Zoom = Crop
  • Aspect Ratio = 2.0:1

I my opinion this method is not intuitive, gui on fullscreen is also not nice.

Not very intuitive, as @bl4ck said, but it is exactly what I was searching for.

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