10bit videos lags (non-4k ATV)

Hi there,

I have some problems with Infuse Pro 5.6.1. I tried to play a 10bit video (ok, a 4k video on a non-4k ATV, it’s stupid, but I have this video, so…) on my Apple TV, with tvOS 11, and it’s just not working.

FYI, it’s Doctor Strange in 4k, 10bits. The video is buffering the 5 first seconds, then the images start to appear and freeze. I can’t play right the video. Sound is ok, but frames aren’t.

Is it a bug with the app and the video format, or a hardware limit ? Am I the only one with this problem ?

The Apple TV is connected through cable to my box, and my NAS (where the video is) is connected through cable too to my box. Other videos (in 1080p for example) are playing normally, without lags.

Thanks by advance !

The ATV4 will support some HEVC (h.265) videos, but the hardware maxes out at 1080p w/ bitrates of ~20 mbs.

Playing 4K videos will require an Apple TV 4K.

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Oh. Ok then, thanks a lot !

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