1080p programmes no longer playing correctly under 5.7.2

Since upgrading to 5.7.2, 1080p programmes which played fine under 5.7.1 are now pixelating sometimes. I’m using Plex as DVR running an a Synology DS718+ and Infuse running on Apple TV (4th gen). Checking Plex when playing the programme shows that it does “Direct Play”.
BTW, I’ve checked and made sure that my PRO subscription for Infuse is active as I need this to stop audio being transcoded.
Checking the video details on Apple TV I can see that de-interlacing is on for the programme, as it comes in as 1080i from the satellite feed.

Were these videos playing correctly in previous versions?

For a bit of background, interlaced videos aren’t supported by the Apple TV’s hardware decoder, and thus need to be played using Infuse’s software decoder which is a bit less efficient. Depending on the actual files, this can cause some performance issues in some cases when using the 4th gen (non-4K) Apple TV. The newer 4K model is quite a bit more powerful, and should handle all 1080i files without any trouble.

There was no issue playing the same recording under 5.7.1.

i also have the same issue. when i playing 1080P video, Sometimes the picture flashes suddenly. Although it’s not too bad, it’s only one or two times when i watch a 1080p video. It still makes me feel a little uncomfortable.

I tried watching a few more 1080p recordings and all are now showing the same issues, i.e. jerky movements and pixelation; all my programmes are recorded as 1080i, i.e. they all needed de-interlacing, and Infuse Pro 5.7.1 was able to play them smoothly; that’s why I started using Infuse in the first as Plex running on my NAS wasn’t able to do the software-based transcoding/de-interlacing quickly enough.

What’s changed in 5.7.2 to make the de-interlacing performance so much worse? Is it possible to revert to 5.7.1?

Can you try 5.7.3 to see if anything is different for you?

If not, sending in a report and opening a support ticket may help us understand what is going on here.

5.7.3 makes no difference. I have logged a ticket and submitted logs under code SHJXG (ticket number is #104215).