1080p frontrow

Hi Guys,


Just installed the CrystalHD card and 1080p files are playing perfectly in XBMC Eden (11.0). But, the resolution of XBMC is same as full screen, which is apparently 1280x720 if i go into XBMC settings. No option to choose 1080p there.


I’ve limited it down to XBMC playing in a sort of windowed frontrow environment, which limits the screen to 720p. Now, I know that my AppleTV is set up at RGB HIGH and 1080p HD in the frontrow (atv) settings, but it won’t display in that resolution. I’ve read it does for pictures and the frontrow-menu.


So why can’t we just easily hack into this and make it a real 1080p resolution (I wouldn’t care if frontrow would be displayed smaller  and not full screen, as long als i can choose a different resolution in XBMC. Also, I need the original atv OS since I use it for my music as well (with Remote on iPhone etc)


So, can we hack it? Would Preference Pane or SwitchResX be of any help, into selecting another resolution for the atv OS?

(sidenote: my tv thinks it’s 1080p and displays the atv-source as 1080p - so it says - how can i be sure, count pixels? :)?)