1080p 24fps dim scenes flickers


I have new OLED LG TV Full HD 1080p and using last version of Infuse Pro.
I noticed in dark scenes when watching in totally dark room, the pictures is flickering. I paused the movie and flickering doesn’t disappear (iso file from original bluray movie).
Next i tested the same movie on my others players icluding native built-in TV player and there isn’t any issues.
I reached for some test patterns and occurs that problem is below 5% of gray, especially when patterns include only near-black level bars from 0% to 5% of gray level.
Next I checked how Infuse works at 60 Hz. Pictures flickers either but not so intense, however It is visible.
When watching itunes movies with its native player even with 24 fps the problem does not exist.
On my TV all pictures proces are turn off. Any noise reduction or flow pictures etc. Just only the movie 1080p 24Hz from iso of my blurays.

Thanks for interesting of my problem.

Same problem on my LG B6 flickering on near dark scenes when watching 1080p 24fps sources, Any 4K source has no flickering. My TV is set to 4K SDR 60fps dynamic range and match content on.

For me This happens on Netflix and Plex as well, I just thought there was a ATV 4K problem upscaling 1080p content on a 4K TV. My Shield TV has no issues.

Are your black level test samples from SDR material or HDR?

Is this issue present if you set the Apple TV to 1080p output instead of 4K?

Well for me this happens only on 1080p 24hrz SDR sources on any ATV 4K display Setting I set.

1080p 60 SDR, 4K 24/60 SDR and 4K HDR 24/60 has no flicker on dark scenes.

I watch my Oled TV in a pitch black room that’s why I can notice it, less so In a bright room. There are people on different forums like AVforums that this happens to using the ATV 4K on LG Oled TVs.

The best way I can describe the flickering on dark scenes is like how candle light flickers in the dark. This Does not happen on my Shield TV on 1080p 24.

This looks more like an Apple TV issue because I see this in Netflix and Plex.

Gotcha. Thanks for the info.

This seems similar to one report from @astirling a little while back, though in that case it seemed to affect both 1080p and 4K @ 24hz. The workaround was to set noise reduction to low. Infuse vs Native Player - #31 by astirling

If it’s affecting other (native based) players like Netflix/Plex I’m not sure sure if there’s anything we can do, but maybe it’s time to pick up an LG Oled for the sake of science. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s worth me chipping in to say that I have now seen this issue on the native player too. And it was on a 4k SDR title (gone girl). Apologies for the earlier assertion when I said it was infuse specific. I’ve never seen it in HDR material as far as I can remember. Noise reduction to low pretty much made the issue go away. I can occasionally still see it but the effect is extremely subtle. When I can still see it I can reduce it further by turning noise reduction to a higher setting but unfortunately the noise reduction starts to become noticeable then and this is too big a trade off for me.

It sounds like an identical issue as it still occurs even when the film is paused. Interestingly I returned a vero 4k device due to flickering on my oled. Except this seemed to happen only in bright areas on HDR sources! Again it also showed when the image was paused.

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I have the exact same flickering problem on my LG oled B6. Back in December 2017, I filed a bug report on the Apple developer website. I even made a video that illustrates the problem, comparing the ATV SDR output to the clean SDR output from my Sony UHD BluRay player. Apple asked a few questions that I answered, but nothing more has come of it. They have yet to confirm the bug.

Please let Apple know about this bug. The more the merrier.

Until Apple comes up with a fix for SDR output, I’ve set the ATV to convert SDR to HDR. It works fine with all apps, except with Infuse Pro. When Infuse Pro converts SDR to HDR, the black level and gamma is way off. Shadow and dark areas appear pale and blocky.

Netflix and iTunes has no problem converting SDR to HDR. In my experience, only Infuse Pro has this issue.

Hopefully, Apple fixes this bug. If not, I hope that the awesome developers at Firecore can fix this SDR → HDR conversion problem.

The ATV 4K + Infuse Pro combo has the potential to become the 4K media player to rule them all (finally!). Fingers crossed for a fix.

I’m having this exact same issue with an ATV4K, and this is one of the more relevant searches on Google. I’m bumping this to see if anyone had any more information. Here’s what I know:

Capture of the Apple TV 4K: Dropbox - flicker demo 1080p sdr 4k sdr 4k hdr.mp4 - Simplify your life (This is near the end of Doom Patrol s1e9 for example, and it is done on a capture card to remove the TV as a variable)
Capture in the Infuse app: Dropbox - apple tv demo infuse 1080p sdr.mp4 - Simplify your life (This is in the Infuse app in Avengers: Endgame, SDR)

When I use SDR, there’s a slight flicker especially noticeable when videos are paused. This happens regardless of the app. You can see it in the capture card demo at 0:00 and the paused frame at 0:13 (1080p SDR).

At 0:45 you can see the flicker where the hair meets the shoulder, though it’s harder to see because the encoded video is masking some of this effect (4K SDR).

1:20 plus shows a paused frame in 4K HDR, where I cannot see the flicker if it’s there.

The issue is visible both on the Apple TV menu, and not limited to just this show. I will also attempt to contact Apple, but given that this particular topic is 2 years old already, I’m not certain what to make of it.

Does this happen in Infuse?

Do you have match content turned on?

This does indeed happen in Infuse, setting Match Content on or off does not affect the flicker. I can include an example with the Infuse app as well, if you would like.

I have attached a second capture, of Avengers: Endgame in the Infuse app. The encoder hides it a bit, but the window in the background is flickering when the video is paused:

The workaround posted earlier in the thread to use HDR all the time, seems to work. The Infuse app appears to correctly map SDR to HDR.