10 Bit UHD MKV too dark

Hi guys,

whenever I try to play an UHD MKV HEVC file with 10 Bit colors on my non HDR Samsung TV HU8590, the picture is way too dark (latest Infuse version). The same movie encoded with AVC 1080p 8 Bit color space works fine.

Is this a problem of my TV or do I need to set something else?

ATV 4k settings: 4k SDR, auto frame rate on, YCbCr

Thanks and regards.

Interesting, on my Sony TV (XE9305, from 2017) it looks fine. I have YUV set to 4:4:4 as well (next to 4K SDR 60 Hz by default, match range).

Make sure you’re using an HDMI port on your TV that properly supports deep colour. Make sure the black level setting on your TV is set to low/limited

Hmm, there is an “UHD Color” option in my Samsung TV where I need to unplug my HDMI cable to enable it. What the heck, why unplug :slight_smile:

Did it work ?

TV makers make no sense. Why would you disable High color, deep color or UHD color support by default for a 4K TV ? For example, Sony enables it by default on the side (secondary) inputs, but disables it on the inputs at the back, which also support ARC (so where your receiver/amplifier is supposed to go).

It’s so that Sony can sell you a receiver with two HDMI out ports