10-bit SDR videos incorrectly labelled as HDR

I’ve noticed that videos encoded in 10-bit, that are not HDR, are incorrectly labelled as HDR in Infuse.

The files are accessed from my Emby share. Emby correctly identifies the files as not HDR.

Can you post the file specs from the Emby server?

Here’s a screenshot from MediaInfo, from Emby Server, and from Infuse on tvOS (all are the latest versions).

Does the Apple TV switch to SDR when playing the video?

Are you able to test how these files appear if Infuse is connected directly (without Emby)?

Typically, SDR content is 8-bit. So unless the original source is 10-bit, remuxing 8-bit files into 10-bit won’t yield any actual benefit.

I don’t have an HDR TV, so not sure if Infuse is switching to HDR.

I just tried accessing the file through a direct connection to the server, and interestingly it does not show the HDR label in this case.

Yes I’ve no idea why the file has been encoded as 10 bit, I didn’t encode it myself.