10.4.9 combo update an error has occurred

Probably daft but I’m still using my Silver Apple TV to play music. Recently ran out of drive space so invested in ATV Flash Silver, just to enable me to plug in a USB hard drive with more capacity. Managed to install the software…but Nito Smart Installer will not load and shows “last run:never”. It says it will load “10.4.9 combo” but then goes to “an error has occurred”
I am a Windows 10 user so have no idea how to delve into files. I hope somebody can help please?

Not sure if you were able to resolve your issue, in any case, my comment would be: Seems like you don’t have the “10.4.9 Combo” (the image file is also known as MacOSX 10.4.9 Update) copied into your Apple TV, same thing I experienced while back. What I did to resolve the issue was accessing the AppleTV with the Cyberduck application, through the FTP port, and then I copied the ‘MacOSX 10.4.9 Update’ image file on the Documents folder. Then I went through the menus Into TV → Settings → Install Software ->Smart Installer and it ran as expected, the AppleTV was able to run the 10.4.9 Combo image I had copied onto the Documents folder.
In case you don’t have the 10.4.9 Combo, you should be able to find it and download it from the Apple Support pages.
Hope this helps.

Thank you for taking the time to reply…yes this worked for me!

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