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I have two Apple TVs both are the second-generation. When I am installing the latest software it tells me that my living room Apple TV has 10.0 .1 .10 still my bedroom Apple TV has 10.0 .1 .16? No matter how many times I install the latest software the living room Apple TV remains at the same version. Any help would be appreciated





That is not a version number - that is the network IP address assigned to the ATV2 in question.

Oh yes you would be 100% right. Thank you very much. May I ask you what program do you use to rip DVDs to stream to the Apple TV, still not lose the 5.1 sound? I have a limited hard drive space so I would like the best video still sound possible.


I simply make exact copies of the DVD so lose nothing of the original DVD contents.  I am using Windows and I use the “Rip to Image” feature of the AnyDVD software I have installed that allows me to create a .iso file from a  DVD.   I have plenty of space on the NAS systems I use for Media stores so that is not a prime constraint for me.