1 year free trial in Canada for Infuse 4/5 users? I only am offered 1 month free trial, despite having Infuse Pro 4

Hi there. Does the free trial for one year work in Canada too? Under the yearly option, I only am offered a 1-month free trial for a $12.49 yearly price thereafter. I have Infuse Pro 4.3.4 installed already (iPad Pro 10.5).


Same here in Spain. One year trial is not activate for me. Infuse peo v4 installed

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No sign of free 1-year trial (or none of the other tiers). Maybe because we already used a trial period (e.g. 1 month) before?

Infuse v4 Pro app installed here, and 6.2.4.


I thought the same but in the advise it doesn’t limit nothing about that. It said it’s like Christmas gift

I’m my case I bought one month subscription before and one month trial too

Sorry for the confusion.

  1. The promo is available to those who have the Infuse 4 (with Pro features activated), Infuse Pro 4, or Infuse Pro 5 apps installed on their device.
  2. Apple only allows a single trial per Apple ID, so unfortunately this promo will not work if you previously had a trial (sorry).
  3. This won’t be available for existing users. However, this replaced the previous promo which allowed v4/v5 users to obtain a lifetime license at a discount (which was a slightly higher discount value), so old users who already upgraded aren’t missing out.

Hope this helps!

This is so bad! You send me an email for a special free period and in the end -after a lot of searching - I find out it’s not for me. So disappointing!
You make your lovers turn into haters?
You’re next special offer should fit those who get an email (with this offer).
And stop blaming apple with the restrictions the App Store has. You knew them before you send those emails to your loyale customers.

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Same for me, just found out it does not work if you had 1 month free. Confusing. It would be a nice turn to bring back the lifetime promo as a xmas gift, for those, who are disappointed now.

Update: this issue has been solved via coupon, thank you! However I would have also bought the lifetime license for a reduced price. The current price is too high.

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I don’t remember if I did a trial or not, but I don’t get the option for a year long trial. Yeah it would have been nice to know that I wouldn’t get the option for a free year trial, the email got my hopes up. What was the previous discounted price for a lifetime of upgrades?

How do we get a coupon?

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same here! How to repair the lost thrust in FireCore?

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Same here. How we get the coupon?

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I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure this out as I have a subscription renewal coming up. I’d purchase lifetime, but I feel it’s too expensive. If there’s a coupon that would be great.

I”d paid for v6 PRO if it cost as v5 PRO (18€). A special offer of 50% for it will be great as Christmas gift for me

I think it’s time that the people of firecore wake up, see the damage their rather stupid emails have caused and do something special for their disappointed customers. Stop hiding and step up!

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I can’t expect nothing about prize director politic. Always it works in an accumulative scheme. 3->6->9->12->27->37 … every version include the previous prize plus and extra. Since v4 PRO many customers have stopped buying but it seems that the model works without old customers

Anyway, talking about the announcement of the trial year I want to know if the “coupon” is a real solution or a desire of this forum member

Every time there is a change in pricing due to version upgrade or some promotion, every time I get disappointed. It always seems unfair and/or a mess to me. More than the price itself. I have purchased v2, v3 and v4 Pro but after that, no thanks!

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