1 Streaming from PC; 2 Updating the Apple software; 3 Keyboards.

Three questions.


  1. Can I use atv black to stream what is live on my PC screen to my TV?


Background: I now use RC1 to stream movies from my hard drive rather than XBMC as it saves having to open XBMC up on my atv and I can’t use iTunes as it won’t recognise all my movie formats. As RC1 won’t display my pictures from the same hard drive I use XBMC for my pictures (as the apple software displays the pictures in my albums in a funny order which I gather is a microsoft-apple filing/compatibility issue). And I use iTunes to play my music. I have put a BBC iplayer on XBMC but find it unreliable, incomplete in available shows and prone to crashing. So the likes of iplayer, itvplayer, 4OD and more TV catchup or the likes I am still very much without. Before I had a streaming device on my TV (ie before atv with atv black) I used to plug the laptop into the TV and watch it on the laptp screen on the ‘bigscreen’ of my TV. Can I use the atv to view whatever is on my PC screen (which is now in a different room and connected only through wifi) on the TV (if so, although not very elegant, I can stream iplayer and the likes direct)? 


  1. There is a software update available from apple when I look at the apple TV’s settings. If I install this up date will it affect my SeaOnPass and atv black installation?


  1. Can I use a keyboard and mouse with my atv?


Background: Lots of the atv software both through apple and through atv black would be much easier to navigate through with a mouse and keyboard (Couchsurfer Pro, iTunes library search, even logging in to iTunes account and such) instead of using the sleek but over-simple atv remote can I connect a keyboard and mouse?


Thank you for any help. By the way, I am not clever with computers so forgive my poor terminology and please don’t reply with suggestions of terminals and commands and complicated (for me) stuff!

Answers to some of your questions:

  1. Applying the Apple software update means you lose everything currently installed. There is not yet an untethered jailbreak for the new Apple 4.4.x series software to allow you to subsequently get back to the current state, so you do not want to go there.

  2. You can use a Bluetooth keyboard if you install the BTStack package (via NitoTV). However there is no mouse support - basically because iOS does not understand mice.