1 second audio delay when skipping forwards or backwards

That’s interesting insight. I never knew they were sound format dependant. Dev, please give some feedback on this. I really like this app, but this bug is just killing my user experience.

Can we get ANY response here, please?

All my slow seeks are gone with Infuse 6.3.3! Never thought the day would come. No idea why, even after reading the release notes. My seeks are now less than 1.0s even for 40Mbps 4K video. So happy!

Are the files being cached during playback? I assume 4K will have the least amount of cache and maybe some of the time is buffering?

I have posted this several times now.

NO OTHER APP on my ATV 4K has that kind of delay issues. Not Plex, not Emby, not MrMc. It‘s just Infuse and it really sucks that there seems to be no interest in fixing this!

I noticed that if I go to my Apple TV settings and change the sound output to 2.0 (not sure what’s it’s called exactly), the lag disappears.

Is this a bug?

According to this Delay anytime I press play, pause or seek forwards, backwards - #6 by james it’s a fix ?

@james, please respond. We need some kind of assurance that this is being looked at.

Edit: PM sent.

Can you describe your setup? Is the ATV connecting directly to a TV? Directly to a receiver? Any other devices involved?

We can’t seem to replicate any issues like this since the changes in 6.3.1 were rolled out.

Can you also confirm you are using 6.3.1 or later?

My setup (latest Infuse beta):

ATV 4K → Ligawo HDMI switch (HDMI) → JVC DLA X7900 projector (HDMI)
Ligawo HDMI switch (Toslink audio) → Sonos Playbase (Toslink audio)

So no classic audio/video combination with one HDMI cable and TV. The projector has no audio in/output and the Sonos Playbase only has Toslink as audio input.

I also connected the ATV to my computer monitor (HDMI, video only). The delay issues persist.

Again, no delay issues when using other apps on the ATV.

Another small observation:
When pausing the video and skipping (so only the preview thumbs are shown) the skips are (of course) instant. But after hitting play, the delay is there again. So clearly it has something to do with the audio …

Hi James, thanks for replying. I am using the latest version of infuse. The Apple TV I have is 4K version. My setup is simple. Apple TV connects straight to tv via hdmi. The media files are stored on a pc, which has plex media server installed. They communicate wirelessly via a router on a 5Ghz channel. I hope this helps.

This is the same experience I have. When scrubbing the thumbnail comes up fairly smoothly but when I hit play. There is 0.5s lag in audio.

Just to clarify. In my case I’m experiencing delays between 1-3 seconds depending on what audio/video format is playing.

I‘m talking about full audio/video freezes here, not audio-only delays.

How are you connected to your media files? Are using a Plex server with infuse or nfs/smb/etc? Are you trying to do this wirelessly or over ethernet? I am wondering if it is a combination of problems network, Infuse decode, hdmi switch decode, etc

Plex server (Mac mini, wired Ethernet); ATV 4K (wired Ethernet). No delay-issues with other apps.

Just watch this 2 videos for comparison:

It sounds like you are seeing something different than what the original poster was describing (which has been resolved in a recent Infuse update).

  1. Does this happen with all videos, or just a few (does it happen with a video like Big Buck Bunny » Download)?
  2. If it’s only happening with some videos, then it could be something unique about these files. In this case, sending in a sample could be helpful.

The delays happen with any video that has more than 2.0 channels:

Is there no helpful indication in this logs?

Hi, I am using plex media server on a windows pc and files are transmitted wirelessly to apple Tv during playback. If I change the audio playback setting within TVOS settings to 2.0 channel (not sure the exact name), the delay disappears and it is quite noticeable.

I checked the video files that I played and all of them are:
VIDEO 1080p (H.264)
AUDIO English (EAC3 5.1)

To clarify, i measured the audio lag and its > 0.5s but < 1s.

EDIT: Playback using plex player on TVOS, same file, same connection and there is no audio lag. Problem is with Infuse.

Are you experiencing the same audio/video freezes as shown here (first video link)? 1 second audio delay when skipping forwards or backwards - #10 by bigbadrabbit