1 second audio delay when skipping forwards or backwards

I have my apple tv 4k hooked up to a Denon receiver using HDMI ARC to an LG 4k TV. When watching a video and pressing either the 10s forward/backwards skip, the audio is delayed by a full second. So what ends up happening is the video seeks instantly and then you see people’s mouths moving for a full second before you hear anything. Using the plex client, the video and audio seek instantly and there is no delay in the audio resuming.

In the Apple TV settings, forcing the audio output to Stereo solves this, but obviously is not an ideal solution

Edit: I plugged my Apple tv directly into my TV and bypassed my receiver. I used the internal tv speakers for sound. The delay still exists.


We’re planning to look into ways this can be improved for a future version.


I have had to deal with this annoying issue for quite some time. Hopefully it gets fixed soon!

I hope it gets fixes soon too! Here’s my original post almost a year ago describing the issue: Delay anytime I press play, pause or seek forwards, backwards

would like to see this improved as well

I don’t know if they are the videos I am currently watching but it feels a bit better than before. With a HEVC 4K HDR TV Show I am watching the audio even starts immediately. Still I get a little delay with a H.264 1080p videos. I just tested a few. I was getting even more than 2 seconds.

Unless it changed with tvOS13 beta, which is a possibility. I have noticed the improvement after installing the beta indeed.

I’m on tvOS13 beta2 with the latest Infuse and the delay is still there for me. Nothing has changed at all.

Any updates on this? This is the only reason I dont use Infuse because it’s so annoying to have this delay, especially when other clients dont have the issue.

We still have a few things in this area on our radar. Stay tuned.

I’m having the same problems but with even more delay when set to 5.1.
Here are two videos to compare:

Infuse with delay:

Plex without delay:

This issue and the missing end-time are still keeping me from using Infuse over Plex on ATV right now. Any more news, James?

I would prefer it wait until the audio is ready than have silent video play first.

Please fix this!
Right now skipping is unusable with an 1s and more delay (see my linked videos from my previous post).

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Do we have an ETA When this will be fixed. It’s the most annoying bug for me when using infuse.

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So i guess this issue affects only a small bunch of people and therefore isn’t priority for Infuse to fix…

I’m using a LIGAWO HDMI switch with audio extractor. I have to use the optical out for audio because my Sonos Playbase has no HDMI inputs.
What i’ve observed is that the delay only happens when setting my HDMI extractor to 5.1 output. If i select AUTO or 2.0 there’s no delay when skipping. Also no delay when using Airplay. But then of course, i get no surround sound…

Please fix this!

Ya, I think I said in my original post that forcing stereo audio fixes this but is less than ideal

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Delay issue still exists and being ignored…
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

A number of improvements in this area will be available in the upcoming 6.3.1 update, which was submitted to Apple earlier today.

Thanks for your patience.

A number of improvements in this area are available in today’s 6.3.1 update.

Thanks for the reports!

Hi James,

I have tried the latest release of infuse on my Apple TV and the fast forward bug is still there.

The other annoying bug I noticed is when changing sub whilst video is playing causes this bug as well! The video would play for 0.5 - 1 sec with no sound. Why can’t infuse pause the video whilst applying the sub. That way we don’t lose audio.

Please, please look into this as this bug has been there for years now.

Ongoing issues with skipping-delays:

Here are the diagnostic codes:

AAC 2.0 → (almost) instant resume after skipping

DD 5.1 → 1-2s delay when skipping

DD 5.1 + 4K → up to 2-3s delay when skipping