1 movie jerking very strong (sample included)


I have 1 movie which is jerking very strong on my Apple TV 4K with tvOS 13 and most current Infuse Pro 6.
I have uploaded a sample here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1E0Bzm4mGs1OxKDMIGIkVIrKmehjMKjCZ/view

Do you know why it is jerking and what I could do against it?

Did you encode this yourself? There’s something wrong I believe with the file itself. I can’t even play in on my computer without issues.

Sorry I’m not where I can inspect the file right now but since it’s not a heavily compressed (x265) file or a specialty file it shouldn’t have the problems this sample does.

Do you have others that are the same way?

Thank you, I saw now, that also my VLC player is jerking with that file.
I did not encode it by myself.
Is it possible to re-encode it to be able to watch it normally?

Probably not. I’d look for another copy from a different source.

There is no other source and I missed the TV broadcast today :frowning: