1 library view?

Yep. Library view will organize TV Shows by series/season.

In the current version the series name will be listed on the left hand side of the screen, but only when using using list view.

Ok, thanks. I’m glad library’s coming then, can’t wait.

Additionally, we have a nice search feature in the works that will fit in nicely with the new Library View.


Excellent!  Thanks for posting the design.  Good stuff. 

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any ETA on the synced watched status for those of us with many atv?

James –


Any updates on the progress of this feature?  It sounds fantastic!  Thanks for the great product, and I look forward to library view more than you know!

It’s still in the works, and will be part of the upcoming aTV Flash (black) 2.0 release.

We have to wait 3 more versions for it?  … taps foot…

Oh well.  Guess I still have to suffer through a broken PLEX client.

XBMC is a nightmare.  The FC Media Player is the best option, and smoothest option, for playing data.  However, I have my media spread out over three different drives on my network, and my wife and kid can never find what they want to watch… In my favorites section, I have three movie sections, and 2 tv show sections.  

If I could code, I would code the HELL out of that.

We’re actually planning to have 2.0 available as the next update.  :wink:


That’s awesome.  I can’t wait to see this library view.  I can finally shelve PLEX and shelve XBMC.  SYNC is great, but I really only watch media with any consistency on one ATV2.  The other is used for music, mostly.

Here’s a quick preview of the upcoming search feature.

that looks great!  I presume we will be able to have media types where we normally have favorites, so that if we just want to see all movies in list view (regardless of their actual location) we only have to go to one area?

Yes, pretty much anything can be made into a Favorite.

A few examples…

  • Action Movies
  • 5 star Movies
  • Moves released in the 1990s
  • The Big Bang Theory (TV series)
  • Music by The Beatles

Do you have an estimate time line for this 2.0 release?

Offtopic: is there a way to see the results of the survey that was emailed to use recently?

It may be later this month - overall it works pretty well, but there are a few kinks that still need to be worked out.

We’re not planning to make the survey results public at this time. Sorry.  :frowning:

FYI - We’re planning to have a short beta period before releasing 2.0 to the public.

If you’re interested in beta testing a pre-public release of 2.0 please see the thread below for more info.

Thanks for posting here James. I only just saw this beta sign up yesterday.

Has the beta testing begun yet?

Anyways, how long do you think the beta will last? And is this “beta” really just a “release candidate”?

The beta round has not begun yet, but are hoping to send the invites out later this week.

We’ve already done extensive testing with numerous setups on our end, but we’de just want to get some real world feedback before releasing the new library feature into the wild. That said, barring the discovery of any major issues, the beta round will be relatively short.

Another teaser: Firecore - Video Player for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac

That looks pretty cool.

Will we find out how this library feature works? I’m mostly concerned with having the ability to mark a show as watched in Plex Media Server and in the Media Player as I like to remotely watch videos as well.