1 library view?


I haven’t got around to trying this but I was I wondering if I had 2 hdd’s on my smb share, would all content come under 1 library on the media player or would I only be able to view them 2 hdd’s separately?

does anyone know?

They would be separate.  Shares are viewed exactly the same as their directory structure so two sources would not be merged but would show up separately.  The use of favourites can help but they would again be separate and would not be merged.

That’s what I thought. Does anyone know if there are plans for a library view implementation?

Just wondering if there has been any news/ development of this feature? I’m on the verge of adding my third external hdd lol!


We’re planning to create a single library view - however this probably won’t be ready until after 1.0 is released.

Any update on a single library mode?



It’s currently under active development, so we should have more info soon.

For now I’ve included a few mockups that should provide a rough, high-level overview on what we’re working on.

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:198:]] [[wysiwyg_imageupload:199:]][[wysiwyg_imageupload:200:]][[wysiwyg_imageupload:201:]][[wysiwyg_imageupload:202:]]

this looks awesome, been waiting for this feature. thank you



james not sure but does that mean that if  we have more than 1 ATV if i watch a movie downstairs it will also be marked as watched upstairs because its 1 library?

Watched status syncing is planned, but probably won’t make it into the first library view version.

Synced watched status would be awesome. I had suggested that before!!

Looks fantastic. Is it planned for the next release?

is it planned for the next release?

We’re getting close…more news coming soon.

So the biggest thing I would want to be able to do is to setup something similar to “smart playlists” for my media.
Often we want to find a G-Rated movie for the kids that is under 90 minutes in case there is only so much time to watch and we don’t want to deal with trying to pry the kids away from the movie right during the best part because we have to go grocery shopping.  So I might setup a “Smart Playlist” (virtual directories in Sapphire) to find “Rating = G AND duration < 90” and then give it a name like “G-Rated, Under 90 minutes”.


Since you replied to my other post in the other thread it sounds like you are planning this kind of custom indexing too though I’m not sure I saw it in your mockups.

Any ETA on this feature?  It would be awesome.


Has the library feature been implemented/delivered?  If not, when might it be delivered?  Other posts on this thread have suggested this has been ‘in the works’ for some time.  This would be a great usability improvement.

We’re planning to have this feature available later this summer.

That’s great!  Looking forward to it.  Thanks.

Will this new mode also enable sorting TV Shows by… TV Shows? Right now I have a folder filled with different episodes of different seasons, everything is correcly matched but on the list I see only the episode number and name, not the name of the show itself. I am currently using Show File Extensions to be able to tell what I’ll be watching.

Or is there a way to show the series name that I’m not aware of?