0.9.2 and 101 both need updating

Since Apple is no longer signing 5.2.1 neither Sea0npass 101 nor 0.9.2 will work to jailbreak 5.2.1 (with saved blobs) since 0.9.2 wasn’t designed to do that job and 101 returns a 3194 error because it relied upon Apple’s signing 5.2.1 in order to restore the jailbroken version of 5.2.1.

0.9.2 still works for earlier versions 5.2 and before.

is this a fair summation or is it something else that is giving me 3194 errors today?

i also have got error 3194 restoring 5.2.1 with saved blobs.


tried it with seasonpass 0.9.2 and nothing works.


Can someone help please?

same here