0.8-6 to 1.1.1

I see a new firmware 1.1.1 is out.  I checked under Manage and my “Maintenance” is not showing “update” it only shows “Installed” and when I highlight it, on the bottom left corner is shows 0.8-6.  How do I get the ATV2 to force update to 1.1.1 if the Maintenance is showing “installed” rather than “update”?

To update to the new version you will need to run the 1.1.1 installer from a Mac or PC.

Once you’re on the 1.x track all future updates can be installed directly on the AppleTV.

Links for the latest version can be found in your account.

Thanks, I already have XBMC installed and setup nicely the way I like it.  After installing the 1.1.1, will i have to reinstall XBMC and repos?

Updating to 1.1.1 won’t affect any of your saved settings or XBMC add-ons.